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The Concept for Beauty supplier website directory provides beauty salons and spas with everything you will ever need for nail enhancements, nail extensions, overlays, manicure & pedicure at your fingertips for your clients from this comprehensive list of nail product suppliers.

Nail extensions, manicures and pedicures have become one of the most popular salon treatments. Your hands are your introduction to you (your calling card), and presents a well groomed individual on all levels.  Having a manicure or nail treatment is an affordable popular pamper, that will last at least 2-3 weeks. Why spend a fortune on a beautiful ring or bracelet and then not be able to show it off because you are ashamed of your hands.


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NSI Nail Systems International (UK)
Unit 8, Brunel Avenue, Salford, Manchester. M5 4BE
Classification: Nail Products

Bio Sculpture GB Ltd
Unit 4,, Park Industrial Estate, Frogmore, Hertfordshire, AL2 2DR
Classification: Nail Products

70 President Way, Airport Executive Park, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9NL
Classification: Nail Products

Helo UK Ltd
3 The Felbridge Centre, Imberhorne Lane , East Grinstead .  RH19 1XP
Classification: Nail Products

Beauty Select Ltd
6B Fenland Industrial Estate, Station Road, Whittlesey, Peterborough. PE7 2EY
Classification: Nail Products

The Nail Company
45 Church Street Weybridge Surrey KT13 8DG
Classification: Nail Products

72 Reading Road, Yateley, Hants, GU46 7UG
Classification: Nail Products

Nail Order
55a Perry Avenue, Teeside Industrial Estate, Stocton on Tees, TS17 9LN
Classification: Nail Products

Essential Nail Products
Peacocks Farm, Farley Green, Wilchambrook, Suffolk, CB8 8PX
Classification: Nail Products

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A lot of health professionals use the nails as an indication to a person’s general health; an awful lot can be evident in the nails.

The lastest trends have been encouraged by stars of the stage and  screen.  Nail art is highly fashionable and fun, many forms are available from a discreet rhinestone to a completely decorated full set of nails, and this is often applied using an airbrush. Nail piercing is a very complementary adornment to a beautiful set of nails and can be fun but make sure your jewellery is correctly applied by a suitably qualified nail technician as the piece of jewellery needs to be secure.

Main types of Nail extensions / Overlay :-

Tips and Overlays
Acrylic tips are applied to the nail plate by nail adhesive. There are a variety of shapes and thickness´ available to suit different nails. Matching the tip to the nail shape is important as the tip will not hold if there are any spaces. Tip adhesive is sensitive to water and clients should be aware that wetting of the hands unnecessarily might shorten the life of the tips.
Tips are blended into the natural nail at the seam. Overlays are normally applied lightly to strengthen the tip and prolong the life of the artificial nail.

UV Gel Nails
This method is very popular and has been available for many years. The original type were not so successful, however more recently they are proven to be far more efective and sophisticated. Gels can be used directly onto the natural nail without the application of a tip for protection purposes. Gels can also be used for the repairing of broken or split nails.
UV Gels are a fairly straight forward application. However, removal is not so easy and tends to take long soaking and buffing.
As with all nail products there is a minor risk of allergies. The nails appear to be hard wearing if treated correctly and regular maintenance treatments are carried out.. Maintenance (in-fill) is  required approximately every 2-3 weeks, depending on nail growth.

Sculptured Nails
Sculptured  nail treatments usually consist of a powder and liquid, which are mixed together to make a paste. The paste is applied to the nail with a brush. A structure called a form is placed around the nail providing a support for the sculptured free edge. The final product is transparent provided it is applied correctly. These sculptured nails can be used directly on the natural nail as a protection or a tip (free edge) may be sculptured.
Sculptured, acrylic nails are very strong and flexible. They can be worn for long periods of time as long as the natural nail remains healthy. Maintenance (in-fill) is  required approximately every 2-3 weeks, depending on nail growth. These acrylic nails are not suitable for those nails that are brittle, thin and / or fragile. Acrylic does not adhere well to skin therefore it would not adhere well to this type of nail

Nail wraps
Nail wraps are the least popular treatment, sometimes used to coat the nail plate or to add strength to thin weak nail extensions that sit beyond the free edge (end of the finger). Nail wrapping can be achieved with 4 fabrics, paper, fibreglass, silk and linen. The fabrics provide support and add strength to the nail. Silk and fibreglass tend to produce a thin, strong natural looking nail, whereas linen tends to be slightly thicker. Paper is used for patching and repairing but it is only temporary. Linen is the strongest of the 4 with fibreglass following behind. Silk is third and paper last although not really used for complete wrapping. Maintenance (in-fill) is  required approximately every 2-3 weeks, depending on nail growth.

Semi Permanent Nail Colour
Increasingly popular at the moment is semi permanent nail colour which is a coloured gel cured on to the nail great for holidays and weddings, for a long lasting finish with no chipping. This is applied in the same way as gel overlay the only difference being the gel in this case is coloured, the gel is then “cured” with the use of an ultra violet light making it durable and will grow out with the natural nail so needing to be filled every 2-3 weeks depending on the nail growth.

All nail applications can be long lasting and durable, they certainly will always look good as long as you are good and take care of them.

All artificial nails require Non-acetone nail varnish remover, as acetones will remove the surface of the nail. Re-education will need to take place concerning the wearing of gloves for housework, gardening, washing etc, to protect the nails from unnecessary knocks and stress.

hether the treatment you choose be manicure, nail extensions of which there are so many beautiful options; - gel system, fibreglass or acrylic, will all show a natural well kept finish when correctly and professionally applied.

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